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BASF SONATRACH PropanChem S.A. celebrates its 15th Anniversary | 18/02/2015

This year, BASF SONATRACH PropanChem S.A. (BSP) has celebrated its 15th anniversary. During these 15 years, some difficult times have been experienced, but this always challenging project of propane dehydrogenation (PDH) has overall fulfilled the expectations set by its shareholders.After a two-year construction period, the start-up in 2003 was long and difficult. From 2004 onwards, with the plant running at a high production rate, but having some reliability problems, concentration was applied on the continuous process improvement with the support of UOP (the process licensor).During the following eight years, continued advances were made to increase the reliability of the facility and reduce the frequency of turnarounds. Although small steps in the right direction were continuously being made, the breakthrough came with two significant process improvements introduced from 2012 onwards: the reengineering of the reactors’ screens and the extension of the catalyst regeneration capacity. In 2014, the plant reached an on-stream factor of 98% and by 2015 an uninterrupted operation of two years between turnarounds. “This history has been a success story thanks to the motivated and engaged team at BASF in Tarragona, taking care of the PDH facilityand providing the highest performance in all areas”, says José Maria Chillida, General Manager of BASF SONATRACH PropanChem S.A.